North Carolina

School Choice Policies

Charter School Choice

Do state statutes allow for charter schools?

Are for-profit charters allowed?


Any nonprofit corporation seeking to establish a charter school may apply to establish a charter school. A charter application must include "...the names of the initial members of the board of directors of the nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation"

115C-218.1. Eligible applicants; contents of applications; submission of applications for approval.

Is there a cap on the number of charter schools?


Senate Bill 8 (2011-2012 Session) removed charter school caps.

Senate Bill 8: No Cap on Number of Charter Schools (2011-2012 Session)

Are charters required to provide transportation for any students?


The charter school may provide transportation for students enrolled at the school and shall develop a transportation plan.

115C-218.40. Charter school transportation

Can charter schools employ uncertified teachers?


At least fifty percent of teachers must hold teacher licenses. All teachers who are teaching in the core subject areas of mathematics, science, social studies, and language arts must be college graduates.

115C-218.90. (a)(1) Employment requirements

Virtual School Choice

Do state statutes allow for full-time virtual schools?


We did not find anything about full-time virtual schools in North Carolina statutes. However, statute states that students can take AP courses through the North Carolina Virtual Public School.

115C-64.16. The Education and Workforce Innovation Program.
115C-174.26. Advanced courses.
116C-4. First in America Innovative Education Initiatives Act.

Are virtual schools required to track attendance?

Did not find

Do virtual schools have to comply with state teacher certification requirements?

Did not find

Private School Choice

Do state statutes allow for voucher programs?


North Carolina statutes allow for two voucher programs: Opportunity Scholarships and Special Education Scholarship Grants for Children with Disabilities.

Opportunity Scholarships
115C-562.1 through 562.7

Special Education Scholarship Grants for Children with Disabilities
115C-112.5 through 115C-112.9

Do state statutes allow for educational expense tax credits or deductions?


No educational expense tax credits or deductions found.

EdChoice School Choice in America

Can students use vouchers to attend religious schools?


"... it is the public policy of the State in matters of education that 'No human authority shall, in any case whatever, control or interfere with the rights of conscience,' or with religious liberty and that 'religion, morality and knowledge being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind . . .the means of education shall forever be encouraged.'"

115C-547. Policy

Is there a cap on the number of students or private schools participating in voucher programs?


Opportunity scholarships: The Authority shall select and verify six percent (6%) of applications annually.

Special education scholarships: Did not find

115C-562.3(a). Verification of eligibility.

Are voucher students in private schools required to take any standardized tests?


Opportunity scholarships: "A nonpublic school that accepts eligible students receiving scholarship grants shall...Administer, at least once in each school year, a nationally standardized test or other nationally standardized equivalent measurement selected by the chief administrative officer of the nonpublic school to all eligible students whose tuition and fees are paid in whole or in part with a scholarship grant enrolled in grades three and higher."

Special education scholarships: Did not find.

115C-562.5(a)(4): Obligations of nonpublic schools accepting eligible students receiving scholarship grants.

Can private schools be removed from voucher programs based on performance?


Opportunity scholarships: Unclear: The Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee shall review reports and make recommendations to the General Assembly as needed regarding improving administration and accountability for nonpublic schools.

Special education scholarships: Did not find.

115C-562.7. Authority reporting requirements.

Are private schools in voucher programs required to provide transportation?

Did not find

Interdistrict School Choice

Do state statutes allow for interdistrict choice?

Are receiving schools or districts required to provide transportation to any students?

Not Applicable

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