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School Choice Policy

Charter School Choice

Do state statutes allow for charter schools?

Are for-profit charters allowed?

Not Applicable

Is there a cap on the number of charter schools?

Not Applicable

Are charters required to provide transportation for any students?

Not Applicable

Can charter schools employ uncertified teachers?

Not Applicable

Virtual School Choice

Do state statutes allow for full-time virtual schools?

Did not find:

We did not find anything about virtual schools in Vermont revised statutes.

Are virtual schools required to track attendance?

Did not find

Do virtual schools have to comply with state teacher certification requirements?

Did not find

Private School Choice

Do state statutes allow for voucher programs?


Vermont statute allows for the Town Tuitioning Program: a voucher program that provides educational options for students whose towns do not have public schools. The "receiving" school can be a public or private school in or outside Vermont

16 V.S.A. §821(d); 16 V.S.A. §822.(c)(B)

Do state statutes allow for educational expense tax credits or deductions?


No educational expense tax credits or deductions found.

EdChoice School Choice in America

Can students use vouchers to attend religious schools?

Did not find:

Independent school is defined as: a school other than a public school, which provides a program of elementary or secondary education, or both. An "independent school meeting education quality standards" means an independent school in Vermont that undergoes the education quality standards process and meets the requirements of subsection 165(b) of this title.

16 V.S.A. § 11(8): Classifications and definitions

Is there a cap on the number of students or private schools participating in voucher programs?

Did not find

Are voucher students in private schools required to take any standardized tests?

Did not find

Can private schools be removed from voucher programs based on performance?

Did not find

Are private schools in voucher programs required to provide transportation?

Did not find

Interdistrict School Choice

Do state statutes allow for interdistrict choice?


Vermont statutes allow for interdistrict choice amongst high school students.

16 V.S.A. §822a

Are receiving schools or districts required to provide transportation to any students?


Jointly, the superintendent of each supervisory union shall establish and update a statewide clearinghouse providing information to students about transportation options among the high school districts.

16 V.S.A. §822a (j)

Page last updated: January 2020

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