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School Choice Policy

Charter School Choice

Do state statutes allow for charter schools?

Are for-profit charters allowed?


A public charter must be governed by a non-profit, but there is no mention of whether a charter's education service provider must be non-profit. However, "A public charter school shall not charge tuition and may only charge such fees as may be imposed on other students attending public schools in the state."

AL Code 16-6F-4(9) & (16)b
AL Code 16-6F-9

Is there a cap on the number of charter schools?


Only 10 new start-up approvals per year. No limits on the number of conversion public schools that may be approved in a year.

AL Code § 16-6F-6(b)(1-5)

Are charters required to provide transportation for any students?


No requirement.

AL Code 16-6F-10

Can charter schools employ uncertified teachers?


Teachers are exempt from state teacher certification requirements: "Public charter schools shall comply with applicable federal laws, rules, and regulations regarding the qualification of teachers and other instructional staff. In accordance with subsection (a), teachers in public charter schools shall be exempt from state teacher certification requirements."

AL Code 16-6F-9(e)(1)

Virtual School Choice

Do state statutes allow for full-time virtual schools?


Yes. "Before the 2016-2017 school year, each local board of education shall adopt a policy providing, at a minimum, a virtual education option for eligible students in grades nine to 12, inclusive, beginning with that school year." Virtual public schools are permitted. Education Commission of the States says virtual charter schools are not permitted.

Section 16-46A-1
Education Commission of the States 50-State Comparison

Are virtual schools required to track attendance?

Did not find:

No mention.

Do virtual schools have to comply with state teacher certification requirements?


"A board of education shall be exempt from any provision of general law, local law, or administrative rule that applies to the traditional delivery of instruction including, but not limited to, requirements relating ...staffing requirements...to the extent any of the foregoing conflict with the delivery of the virtual program."

Section 16-46A-2(c)

Private School Choice

Do state statutes allow for voucher programs?


No voucher programs found.

EdChoice School Choice in America

Do state statutes allow for educational expense tax credits or deductions?


Refundable tax credit (Accountability Act of 2013) - Accountability Act of 2013 includes a declaration to: "provide financial assistance through an income tax credit to a parent who transfers a student from a failing public school to a non-failing public school or nonpublic school of the parent's choice."

Section 16-6D-3: Legislative findings and intent.

Can students use vouchers to attend religious schools?

Not Applicable:

However, parochial schools are allowed in the tax credit program.

Section 16-6D-4 (11)

Is there a cap on the number of students or private schools participating in voucher programs?

Not Applicable

Are voucher students in private schools required to take any standardized tests?

Not Applicable:

However, "For students in the local school system who are participating in the tax credit program, the local school system shall provide locations and times to take all statewide assessments required by law."

Section 16-6D-8(b)(6)

Can private schools be removed from voucher programs based on performance?

Not Applicable

Are private schools in voucher programs required to provide transportation?

Not Applicable:

However, "If a parent enrolls a student in a nonpublic school or in a non failing public school within another local school system, regardless of whether that system provides transportation services for other enrolled students, transportation of the student shall be the responsibility of the parent."

Section 16-6D-8(b)(8)

Interdistrict School Choice

Do state statutes allow for interdistrict choice?


"A public charter school shall be open to any student residing in the state."

Section 16-6F-5(a)(1): Open Enrollment

Are receiving schools or districts required to provide transportation to any students?


No mention.

Page last updated: January 2020

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